Xiand #39; un Handove indústria i comerç Co Ltd, és una empresa de comerç diversificada servint a clients i comunitats tradicionals PPE productes i serveis. Vostra seguretat és la nostra preocupació.

1989: fundadors de Xiand #39; un Handove indústria i comerç co. Ltd. va començar comerç productes PPE internacionals.

2008: Xi'an Handove Industry and Trading Company ltd., Co., was established in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, P.R. China, since Nov. 27, 2008. At same time, Handove established her teams on R/D, trading fairs, logistic, QC, and service.

Seguretat Headware
The most important protection while working is for the head. This category includes protective eye wear, protective headgear, half mask respirator, safety caps, and earmuffs.
Guants de recobriment
Safety gloves coated by synthetic materials become more and more popular right now. This category includes unsupported gloves, and supported gloves
Guants de cuir
Leather gloves are always the premium option for buyers, including cow leather gloves, pig leather gloves, mechanic gloves, driver gloves, welder gloves, and winter leather gloves.
Guants de tela
Gloves made by fabric is a traditional option to protect hands while working. This category includes seamless string knit gloves, and sewn structure gloves.
Seguretat Bodywear
This category includes working accessories, vests, rain wear, and garments.
Calçat de protecció
This category includes knee guards, and working shoes.

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  • Tel: 86-29-8835-0620, 8835-0630 Fax: 86-29-8835-0633 Correu electrònic: info@handove.com Adreça: Sala 505, Torre C, Van Metropolis, Nº 35 Tangyan Road, Xian, 710.065 Xina.


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